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Designed in Tofino, British Columbia, Tofino Towels are everything you’ve been looking for in a beach towel and more. Labelled ‘the original west coast round towel,’ these gorgeous, 100% velour cotton towels can be used for the beach, bathroom, as decorative throw blankets, floor rugs and much more. They measure 1.5 meters in diameter and are as soft as they are vibrant.

Why round, you ask?

“As avid outdoor enthusiasts, beach goers and socialites, we have come to spend many hours hanging out and relaxing on our traditional rectangular beach towels. One common theme noticed during our self-indulged beach gatherings was that we tend to spend a great deal of time moving our towels to shake off the sand or continually adjusting in order to achieve the perfect angle of direct sunshine. One day we asked ourselves, why isn’t there a circular towel that would put an end to all this preventable moving and shaking? That’s when Tofino Towel Co. was born – A true piece of West Coast fashion with everyday functionality, durability and versatility for you to appreciate.

After experiencing the advantages of visiting your favourite beach, park or beloved hide away with The Tofino Towel, a traditional rectangular towel will never be considered again.”

So there you have it. According to the company, round towels are just better in every way; who knew?! So Tofino Towels are both beautiful and practical. Below are some photos of the different versions we have in stock, as well as some amazing picture from their instagram (@tofinotowelco) to give you an idea of what these beautiful towels look like in action!



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