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It’s mani/pedi season and we’ve got you covered! We have a great selection of nail polishes from our tried and true beauty line, Smith & Cult, that will have your nails looking fresh and fun! We like to think we have something for everyone: lots of nudes and classic reds for every skin tone, bright and dark bolds for the daring, and sparkly polishes for the glitter-lovers.

Even better? We have base and top coats that come in gloss and matte finishes and ALL Smith & Cult polishes are free of harmful substances like Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl.

Are you ready to check out our huge selection of colours? Keep scrolling!



Regret the Moon: Opaque Sweet Cream

“There was a full moon and desolate on the streets. The off-white glow of the moon + silence made me feel a strange heaviness in my chest. I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop thinking about a date I went on years ago.”

She Said Yeah: Opaque Muted Periwinkle

“I asked the girl behind the counter if she could help me decipher the choices; she stared at me like I was a stupid alien.”

Fauntleroy: Opaque Muted Lavender

“He has a slight lisp, he covers his mouth when he giggles and he whispers everything that is slightly scandalous.”

Birdie Num Num: Opaque Turquoise Blue

Suburban Warrior: Opaque Watermelon Radish

“I promised myself that I would keep my unreliable vintage car, precious collection of jewelry from 7th grade (baubles and neons), and gigantic shoe collection – and NEVER stop eating Hostess cupcakes… at least until next week.”

Plastic Beach: Opaque Guava Pink

“He liked the bright ones because they were the hardest to find.”

Psycho Candy: Opaque Bright Coral

“I’m addicted.”

Kings & Thieves: Opaque Dark Ink Blue

“Why do I love scavenging through other people’s leftovers?”

Lover’s Creep: Opaque Bordeaux

“It’s like a new lover luring me into bed.”

Darjeeling Darling: Opaque Jaded Forest Green

“She was a nonchalant vision straight out of a Wes Anderson film w/ a pin-straight bob, vintage barrettes, kohl-rimmed eyes, nude lips, and glazed over look in her eyes.”

Beat Street: Opaque Bold Turquoise
Feed The Rich: Opaque Dark Teal Green

“It’s all about everyone spending the entire time strongly insinuating that they are elevated and evolved because they eat organic uncultured Echinacea balls of green mulchy purity.”

Ghost Edit: Semi-sheer Pale Nude Pink

“At 1 am she was standing over me with a flashlight whispering, “You don’t hear that???”

Honey Hush: Opaque Tan Beige

“Lots of voices whispering, I need a dose of quiet, with a shot of riot.”

Feathers & Flesh: Opaque Caramel Beige

“I spent about 45 minutes getting ready – it took me that long to achieve the “I just threw this on” look.”

Shattered Souls: Large and small gold glitter particles suspended in clear base

“I want a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I want to do nothing to deserve it.”

Dirty Baby:  Ulttra fine silver glitter suspended in obsidian base

“Wife no. 4 and Co.’s collective eating disorder means we get all the cake.”

Vegas Post Apocalyptic: Ultra fine holographic lavender glitter suspended in clear base

I said nothing, thinking we were going straight back to LA to check her into Cedar’s mental ward.”





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